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There are many questions you might have after finding a high tech port, lost in space on an unknown planetWho was there? Why are they gone? What was there? Space Port is a reflection of the mind, an ever changing entity, that to grow, must also leave things behind. 


Abanonded Spaceport.zip 513 MB


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Critique :

Excellent presentation on your Itch.io and perfect screenshots. It really captures to mood and gets the viewer excited to play. The project has a really nice use of scale and though it is a small boundaried space, it feels natural and level-like. The movement is really nice, the holes in the craft and shaping of the landscape encourages circular flow in and out of the port area. The lighting is even and well done and the color palette completely on point for a fantastical space area. The next steps for a space like this would be adding details of story elements for the player to discover, things like letters, personal items, unusual gems and rocks, technologies like radios or parts of a ship, alien writings, discarded food, etc. I think you have a good concept of 3D space and recommend these resources to push your design/environments even more:






Grade: A-

Recommended:Ambient, heavy environmental storytelling games



https://abzugame.com/ (Free on Epic Store this week)


Ah thank you Phaze! Abzu (and also Journey) are some of my favorite games stylistically and I want to keep working toward artistic and emotional environment storytelling like that :-)