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The town has been ravaged by something. But...what? Grab your sword, pistol, and of course your tylenol, and take a weird journey through this VR experience.

CONCEPT: (not yet coded into game)

You're a poor space-faring contract worker, and you got a distress signal from this strange planet. Looks like it was once a human civilization...taken over by giant sentient scorpions with their own culture. Huh. Well, you need money, so you take the job

Introduction Script:

After insta-transportation, you hit the dirt in an old shed. You stand up, with your blaster equipped. You hear a distant voice.

Voice 1: Mike, he contractor's here! Over there!

Voice 2: Huh?


Ghost Town Download.zip 143 MB


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Hi Delaney, it looks like only your exe is uploaded here. Upload your whole WindowsNoEditor Folder so that folks can download this in the future.

Hi Phaze, I'll fix it immediately.

It's fixed now :-)